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PatelProtest-JanakPatel-4 People from the Patel community hold placards and shout slogans during a protest rally demanding reservation in Ahmedabad | JANAK PATEL

Vote-bank politics and muscle-tactics adopted in agitations demanding reservation usually make the Union and state governments succumb to the demands of certain undeserving communities. The entire policy of reservation is in itself a big failure as it failed to bring in societal equality within the stipulated period of 15 years, as expected by the Constitution-makers.

Today, the policy of reservation is responsible for alienation of people belonging to reserved categories. If the reservation system is to be continued, then all reserved categories such as SC, ST and OBC should be merged into one with an annual review of the reserved group's uplift. Communities that record maximum postings and admissions should be deleted from the reserved group list. Also, since people from the reserved groups fail to receive ample benefits owing to their large families, benefits of reservations may be reserved for persons/families with up to two children only.

In addition, the present system allows politicians belonging to the reserved categories and their families to enjoy the fruits of the reservation policy despite their wealth and status. Therefore, members of families with a certain stipulated upper income should not be given the benefits of reservation even if they are listed under the reserved category.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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