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Open Letter to the Tamil Nadu government on Supreme Court's observation on jallikattu

Dear Tamil Nadu government,

Being Human—goes a famous tag-line. It urges people to treat fellow human beings and all living organisms with compassion. The inhumane sport called jallikattu, which you have portrayed as an age-old tradition, is not acceptable to our peace-loving country. Jallikattu is dangerous to both the bull and the person who tries to tame it. This tradition has to be stopped completely. Your argument against the Supreme Court’s ban order proves your unsympathetic nature towards living beings. Animal welfare organisations are working for the welfare of animals, which, too, are part of the society and ecosystem. Certain barbaric traditions like sacrificing animals in the name of culture have been banned completely. Animals have to be protected and cared for to maintain a balance in nature. It’s a matter of concern that your government is trying to support such heinous culture. It’s a sincere request from the readers that such age-old barbaric practices should be uprooted from our society to help the fellow beings live in dignity.

Arathi Raghuveer


Get your priorities right

As a Tamilian, I welcome the decision of the Supreme court on jallikattu. Don't' blame the tradition for your political agenda. How many politicians have participated in jallikattu in the past? My question to all of you politicians—is this the prime issue in Tamil Nadu? Have you ever visited a government hospital in Tamil Nadu? Do you know how many poor people suffer every day without medication in the state? When people are struggling without so many basic essential needs to survive, why are the politicians talking about jallikattu? It's good to showcase our tradition but do you want to show the brutality of the tradition? If you guys are really brave enough, arrange a jallikattu again. Those who are raising voices in its favour, please join the event. But, instead of a bull, can we try it with a lion or a tiger? Fierce carnivores are a good choice of showing your traditional braveness. I believe, you will say 'Yes'. Remember, ill-treating an animal is always an offence.

Elavarasan Govindasamy


Lopsided match

It is always unethical, irrational, and cowardice to pass a judgement against anybody who is not present to defend himself. And while defending jallikattu in the name of tradition, you are getting judgmental about the bull who cannot defend himself. What an irony that in the era of WWE and virtual gaming we are still exploring pleasure at the cost of hapless and mute animals. Come on, be a sport if you really nurse a sportsman in you and consider jallikattu also a sport. If jallikattu is really a sport, please do let me know which sport in the world allows unequal competition? Can a heavyweight take on bantamweight in the ring? Can doubles in tennis compete with a single player? Is the bench strength of any game allowed to take the field? If the answer to all these questions is NO, how can jallikattu be defended in the name of sport or tradition where the competition is between one against thousands? It is not a festival of qurbani like Eid-ul-Adha where the religion allows the sacrifice of animal in the name of God. It is sheer torture of a living being who cannot defend itself through arguments. Thus, only people with sanity, sensibility, and sensitivity can accept this ban, and I am sure you have all three qualities to accept it gracefully.

Rajneesh Batra

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