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RUSSIA-BRICS-NARENDRA-MODI-ARRIVAL Narendra Modi gestures as he leaves a plave upon his arrival at an airport in Ufa | AFP

Open Letter to Narendra Modi on his continued silence

Dear Prime Minister,,
When the BJP government came to power, newspapers always used eloquence with your name. But now, the leader, who devised clever slogans is lost for words.

Your party had given Manmohan Singh a hard time while he was the prime minister, alleging impropriety in the allocation of coal blocks. Though you may not be personally involved in any of the scandals, you are accountable to the people, and hence must explain the allegations against your party leaders. After all, you had ridiculed the scams involving the UPA leaders and their relatives, likening them to episodes from television serials. I wonder what amusing comparison you have in mind when those involved are from your own party.

I foresee a very stormy monsoon session in Parliament as the opposition is not likely to spare you for your vitriolic attacks on the UPA. I agree, as prime minister, you do not want to be controlled by the opposition. But politicians like you were voted to power precisely because of your anti-corruption stance which you so eloquently flaunted during the campaign.

Bhanusree S. Kumar, Alappuzha

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