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Dear social media users,

Digital India is not a new concept and can be traced back to Rajiv Gandhi’s premiership in the mid-eighties when the world was witnessing the advent of computer technology. Sam Pitroda was roped in by Gandhi as head of the Telecom Commission in 1984. Also, the National Informatics Centre and C-DOT were launched during this period, thus laying the foundation of information technology in India. In the 90s, the then finance minister Manmohan Singh opened doors to many global IT companies such as Microsoft, IBM and HP. Through new policies, the government encouraged Indian companies such as TCS and Infosys to grow their businesses in the country.

Today, India has over one billion telecom subscribers and 354 million internet users. The Union and state governments have migrated official data and work to digital platforms. Many private and public sector companies, including small businesses, use computer-based systems for operations. Social media is marking its presence across the country and India is already a part of the global digital revolution.

And now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to ride the wave of digital revolution and take undue credit. His Digital India initiative has caught up with many people who don't understand what it means and are supporting it merely by changing their Facebook profile pictures to one with a tri-colour in the background.

Sarwar Alam

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