No monkey business


Every monkey with a camera thinks he's a photographer. This is the case with most people since the advent of social media. Today, people are getting swayed by trends rather than sense. How perceptions and opinions can and are manufactured on social media is an open secret.

The Digital India campaign is an example of how people can be influenced through propaganda without any action on the ground. Branding and repackaging of schemes is the order of the day. The Digital India campaign talks about enabling the country's digital platform with the support of the telecom providers to benefit the common man. However, reality seems to be contrary with telecom operators walking away with plum spectrums while providing deficient services.

Also, the government's plans of measures such as compulsory storage of messages for 90 days and anti-net neutrality moves are against the benefit of the consumer. With easy access to content, the public should be wary of propaganda and look at facts critically. The masses cannot be taken for granted as in the parable of the emperor's new clothes.

Anil J. Rebello

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