No biases


It is really good to fight for religious and national freedom, but please remember that art, music, literature and sports have no religion, caste or creed. In fact, even nationality does not hinder art.

Akbar, the 16th century Muslim king, was a patron of arts and supported many Hindu artists. Din-e-ilahi, propounded by him, was based on the best elements and practices of all religions. Musician Tansen, one of the nine gems in his court, was a Hindu. So was Birbal, his beloved friend and minister. In spite of being a Muslim ruler he respected other religions. Don’t you think we as Indians should respect art, and not defame and shame an author just because he is from another country? There should be no political interference in art and sport. It is shameful that a simple book launch became a platform for political vendetta.

Arathi Raghuveer,
Mysuru, Karnataka

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