Mockery of literacy


Many people consult godmen before making important decisions in life. However, it is okay as long as their involvement is restricted to the personal lives of their followers. But when someone is denied their deserving credit merely upon the requests of such godmen, it is a mockery of our literacy.

The woman who painstakingly translated Dr Kalam’s book being kept off the dais is a reflection of the organisers’ ignorance. The swamiji’s refusal to sit beside a woman was his personal choice and as someone unrelated to the event, he could have taken a seat among men in the audience. After all, the event was organised to launch the book and introduce the author. The organisers should have kept this in mind.

Sitting beside a woman does not degrade a man and if it does, then none of us must accompany our mothers, sisters or daughters in public places. The author was present there by virtue of her hard work and not because she belonged to a certain religion.

Debayan Ganguly,

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