Learn from mistakes

Learn from mistakes

Fake degree row: Open Letter to the AAP on them calling the BJP's move a political vendetta

Dear AAP,
I support you in your neo-politics against corruption. I understand that most other political parties have double standards, especially the BJP, which is rallying behind Sushma Swaraj in the Lalit Modi visa controversy, despite clear indications of conflict of interests at the minister’s end. In Jitendra Tomar’s fake degree case, we, however, cannot deny that wrong has been done. This case should be a learning example for you. Arvind Kejriwal should understand that everyone cannot be trusted blindly and he should be careful in future while taking sides. At the same time, I cannot stop but wonder at the quick response of the Delhi police in investigating Tomar’s case. The police have been treating Tomar as a hardcore offender, whereas a number of criminals who have committed more heinous crimes, especially against women, roam around freely. One cannot deny that the lackadaisical approach of the Delhi police in dealing with crime is one of the main reasons of Delhi being considered the crime capital of India. As a citizen residing in Delhi, I would appreciate if our city police dedicate more time in cutting down the crime rate, rather than dancing to the political tune of the government.

I have one question to the lawmakers and constitutional and political analysts of our country: if the elected government of Delhi does not have a say in governing the state, why do you waste our money in conducting elections—both at the state as well as in the municipal corporation level. Delhi should be left as a Union territory.

Yours sincerely,
Sehar Tahir, Delhi

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