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It is very sad that the Shiv Sena, which claims to be the voice of Maharashtra, is only concerned with the state and not India. They react only when Mumbai is attacked by terrorists. If it was Chennai that was attacked, would they have reacted in the same way?

The Shiv Sena has a history of attacking not only Pakistanis, but also non-Maharashtrians in the state. In 1966, the Shiv Sena targeted south Indians; in the 2000s, it attacked Biharis and North Indians. In 2010, Shah Rukh Khan's films were not allowed to be screened because he supported Pakistani cricketers' participation in the Indian Premier League. If Shiv Sainiks are really patriotic at heart, they should stop attacking fellow Indians who migrate to Maharashtra for their livelihood. Also, if the Sena wants to secure our internal and external borders, it should encourage Sainiks to join the armed forces and the police.

Diomedes Pereira,
Corlim, Ilhas, Goa

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