Follow your gut instinct


Your performance in T20s against Australia was outstanding. Kudos to you and your team. There are rumours that you should give way to a young leader in the ODI format. I don't agree with this. Surely, you know when to quit and make way for a young leader without anyone telling you so. Let us remember that you voluntarily retired from Test cricket when you knew your contribution to the team effort was not good enough. Meanwhile, you should continue your good leadership inspiring the team to bring out the best in each team member. The captain is as good as the team and what we need is contribution from each and every one when the need arises. We should convert defeats into victories with that little push that is so important. Our bowling department is the weak link and you should get to work on the boys to improve their performance. Outstanding fielding can make the difference between victory and defeat. Your calm demeanour under stress is the strength of the team and so keep it up. Please listen to the critics as they, too, could have some useful advice. However, there is no need for you to react to every criticism. You should follow your gut feeling after all you are the leader in the field and you are the sole person in charge. You have many years of active contribution to Indian cricket. We wish you all the best for your leadership in ODIs and T20s.

D.B.N. Murthy

Carry on

I do not agree that M.S. Dhoni is overstaying as ODI captain. We cannot forget that he was the captain who won us the ODI and T20 World Cups. Those who want to retire him as captain should not forget his record-breaking performance as batsman and wicket-keeper. Dhoni led India to a hat-trick of wins against the mighty Australians in the T20s, once again creating a record. With all the above records he should continue as captain of Indian team in shorter formats. He has already resigned from the Test team. Moreover, he is the best finisher even today. Dhoni is called ‘Captain Cool’. This quality should be present in every leader in the country. National teams are ambassadors for the country. Dhoni has been the best ambassador. As for the few failures he has faced, I have to say that he has been the captain of the team in most number of matches. So, they should be ignored. You cannot win all the matches after all. As far as choosing a player in the team is concerned, all players cannot be good. I feel only those captains who have won more than two World Cups have the right to criticise Dhoni.

Dr J.D. Shrivastava

Exit gracefully

Let me start by stating that no Indian will ever forget the heights our cricket team reached under your leadership. Though you are well known in sports circles as 'Captain Cool', it seems that something is not going around smoothly with the debates over your stepping down as the captain. The recent losses India underwent and the rise of new stars like Virat and Rohit has certainly increased the strength of critics and is, thus, certainly pressurising you. I hope this will be the best time for you to step down. Stepping down as the captain doesn't mean that you have to end your cricketing career. It is just to take the pressure off your head. I am never of the opinion that you must step down solely because of your non-performance in the recent past. It is because you are loosing the ability to concentrate on multiple tasks as of now. I strongly believe that you will be able to perform well and give us those wonderful 'helicopter shots' in the future if you can take this bold step now. You have carved the way, let the youngsters follow it.

Syamjith S.

Thanks, and goodbye

I know it is very difficult to say goodbye, but someday everyone has to retire whether it is life or on field. As you are aware Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane are capable of leading India. We would like to thank you for your brilliant service. With new people new ideas will emerge. It’s time to hand over the baton to those who can take the responsibility. You were an excellent wicketkeeper and a good batsman. The recent 4-1 loss to Australia in the ODI series has raised calls for your retirement. You have been instrumental in making the career of young batsmen and bowlers. Criticism is part and parcel of the job. You have been sitting on the hot seat for a long time. It’s time to take up the job of coaching Indian cricket team and administrative responsibilities. You can start writing an autobiography, as we feel you are under lot of pressure as a player and captain. You were considered to be a good captain but not now. You phased out seniors from the team. After losing the captaincy of the Test cricket team it is time to lose ODI and T20 captaincy. Helicopter shot does not work nowadays. You were not groomed to be a captain but circumstances made you a captain.

Vikas R. Pandav

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