Don't lose focus

Lalu-Nitish RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar at an election meeting in Chapra | PTI

Dear Lalu Prasad Yadav,

Don't lose focus

You deserve huge appreciation for your deft political skills, which earned your party a massive mandate in the Bihar polls. Especially when your opponents had written you off after conviction by the court, followed by your party's setback in the 2014 LS polls. You not only effectively countered Narendra Modi’s electrifying rallies in Bihar but also convinced the voters that there was a transformed Lalu Prasad, in the company of Nitish Kumar, who was committed to do away with the alleged “jungle raj” during his earlier tenure. There are two major factors you need to consider in future to allay the fears.

First, You must not allow your family members, including the elected sons, MLAs and partymen, to interfere with the administration and let it be solely governed by Nitish Kumar who enjoys a clean image. Of course, you, as a watchdog and patron of the party, can always advise as and when needed. Maintaining law and order in the state should be your party’s top agenda.

Second, as a dominant coalition partner, you may be tempted to snatch a larger slice of the pie but you must exercise constraint and should not be seen calling the shots. Also, you should be more responsible and serious about statements made in public.

Voters are very clever and they will judge you based on your performance on the ground. Speak well and administer well!

Pramod Srivastava
New Delhi

Second chance

The Bihar assembly polls have been extraordinarily rewarding to your party. The ‘grand alliance’ or the ‘Mahagatbandhan’ paid off resoundingly well for Nitish Kumar’s JD(U), too. This places you in an unenviable position of a kingmaker, which would surely help your party. It is, however, decided by the coalition that Nitish Kumar would be the chief minister of Bihar and your son to be the deputy CM. This was proposed by none other than your better half, Rabridevi.

I feel this to be a golden chance for you and your party to offset the so many things that you and your party had done to Bihar by way of gross and unprecedented misrule, leading to gross underdevelopment of the state, by deliberately stifling the legitimate developmental activities in the state, and meaningful empowerment of the people of Bihar.

The ghost of fodder scam still haunts you. It becomes your moral responsibility by way of atonement to give an efficient government to Bihar since your ambition and aspiration are centred on similar experiment at the Centre, too. I expect your government to provide efficient infrastructure, educational and health services to people, who are in dire need of these aspects and are in the process of migration to other states for the past several decades for want to meaningful and decent livelihood. I expect that you will not disappoint the people on this account and will ensure that the talented, erudite and efficient individuals make place in the hierarchy of ministers. It is important that the people of the state must not feel that they did not heed to the largesse of promises for the developmental activities of Bihar. Caste votes have helped in deciding yours and Nitish’s political fortunes in the elections. Please do not get overtly bloated with pride that this trend would be there forever, without tangible deliverance at the ground level.

K.V. Raghuram

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