Be selective

Passing with at least reasonable marks in every subject is a must for students, and reasonable marks does not mean scrapping through, although primary school children can be promoted to higher classes without detention as otherwise the school dropout rates may increase, especially in the rural areas. Also, students in the rural areas can be shown some leniency, compared to their urban counterparts, as many do not have access to learning facilities and opportunities available in modern schools. \

However, secondary school students, classes IVth and above, should be detained if they do not perform reasonably well as such students will obviously find higher studies even more tough. At this stage, punishments can include detention, thus barring him/her from admission to the higher level/grade. Above all, the government and academic authorities should appoint well-trained teachers to boost the overall quality of education in the country. This will do away with the very system of detention at all academic levels.

N.R. Raghuram

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