From the horse's mouth

It doesn't matter to them whether they belong to one of the metros or to a tier-3 city. They do listen to their heart, but do not follow it blindly. Studies, for them, is not just about grabbing a well-paid job, but attaining skills and doing what they love. The youth today is free from the shackles that restrained the generations of the past. Meet some of the sure-footed millennials who are carving out a path of their choice:

From the horse's mouth Karan Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal

Karan Dilsher Singh Dhaliwal
Third year, Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition
Pusa, Delhi
I always loved to become a chef and wanted to excel in the field of cooking. My aspiration is to become a head chef in a star hotel or a star cruise. I come from a family of professionals—my mother is a pathologist and father a professor in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. When I decided to pursue a career in hotel management, my parents were fully supportive. A large part of my schooling was done in Saudi Arabia and from my high school onwards, I was determined to join the Pusa Hotel Management Institute, which is among the best in the country. The exposure at Pusa has been great. I not only nurtured my culinary skills, but also showcased my capabilities at international events and participated at a skill competition in the UK. The faculty here lays a lot of stress on practice and practical classes and I have benefited from it immensely.

Aman Saxena
Final year, National Law School of India University
I did most of my schooling in Bilaspur and then I studied in Bhopal. When I was 16, a personal experience made me decide to excel in the legal field. With this determination, I cleared the entrance test for the National Law School. The school has helped me excel. Even before the completion of my studies, I have got a job offer with a law firm. I feel that opportunities in the legal field are immense and many of my college mates have got scholarship offers from universities such as Yale and Oxford. I may not immediately take up a job but go for higher studies. I am yet to decide. Getting a job in the legal field is easy, and there are fat pay packages on offer for students from our institute. I am glad that I pursued the law.

From the horse's mouth Cleni Vijay

Cleni Vijay
Final year, M.A. (English)
Loyola College, Chennai
When I got admission at Loyola College, it gave me a sense of achievement. I had decided to pursue a career in academics and aimed to become an English professor. Initially, I received great support and guidance from my seniors, which helped me do well in studies. The seniors were like family. My parents hail from Kerala but are settled in Chennai. I was born and brought up in the city. I was the cultural secretary of the English department and I organised many events and seminars. This helped me nurture my organisational skills. The college has a mix of students from different backgrounds. It was perfect assimilation. I have decided to venture into business and plan to launch a startup with my friends. My parents have helped with the initial funding.

From the horse's mouth Ananta Gaur

Ananta Gaur
Final year, Psychology (honours)
Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
I have loved psychology ever since I took to music during my early schooling years. I have been a people's person and strongly believe in music therapy. When I got admission at LSR, I was thrilled because it has the best psychology department in Delhi. During all these years in the college, I have become stronger as a person and the exposure has been immense. My former principal Dr Meenakshi Gopinath came to know that I was interested in music and always encouraged me to pursue my interest. Of late, I have been part of music therapy sessions for cancer patients at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi, where I play music for patients when they undergo chemotherapy sessions. Though I have received a job offer from an American multinational, I am still undecided as I may take time off for a music tour in the US.

From the horse's mouth Piyali Sen

Piyali Sen
PhD in social work
Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
I began my career as a software engineer. After my BTech from West Bengal, I was selected by TCS and worked in its Chennai centre for two years. Then I worked with a software firm in Hyderabad. However, social work had always been close to my heart. I used to do social work for voluntary programmes at IT companies. After working for seven years in the IT sector, I tried for TISS.
While doing my MPhil in social work at TISS, I got a lot of practical experience. I visited many slums in Mumbai and went to Uttarakhand as part of a team, post the floods there. After my MPhil, I got a full scholarship for a year to pursue advanced masters in equality studies in Dublin. After my return, I returned to TISS to do my PhD in social work. Now I am looking for a career in academics.

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