Drop in interest FIXED DEPOSITS

Drop in interest

With fixed deposits losing their sheen, investors are opting for more rewarding options

By Abhinav Singh | April 23, 2017


  • Safety cage
    Safety cage
    By K.G. Krishnamoorthy Rao | August 21, 2016

    Understanding the importance of home insurance

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  • Bond benefits
    Bond benefits
    By Shritama Bose | August 21, 2016

    Non-convertible debentures help diversify sources of funds beyond banks and other wholesale lenders

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  • Pay? Yay!
    Pay? Yay!
    By Shritama Bose | June 19, 2016

    Unified Payments Interface set to change the digital payment ecosystem

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  • Foreign fret
    Foreign fret
    By M. Ravichandran | June 19, 2016

    How to deal with the adversities faced while studying abroad

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  • Ensure, then insure
    Ensure, then insure
    By Anil Rego | June 19, 2016

    Guidelines to help you choose the right life insurance policy

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  • A code for growth
    A code for growth
    By Rudra Sensarma | June 19, 2016

    The insolvency code will help boost India's GDP

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  • Safe bet
    Safe bet
    By Abhinav Singh | May 01, 2016

    Usage-based motor insurance could be the way ahead

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  • Rest insured
    Rest insured
    By Rajiv Kumar | February 21, 2016

    Good property insurance, residential or commercial, can help you stay stress free

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  • Taking cover
    Taking cover
    By Shritama Bose | February 21, 2016

    How to pick the health insurance that best suits your needs

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  • Shop and save
    Shop and save
    By Vandana | February 21, 2016

    In a falling interest rate environment, it makes sense to transfer your home loan to a bank that offers better interest rate

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  • Take it easy
    Take it easy
    By Shritama Bose | December 13, 2015

    The sovereign credit guarantee fund for education loans is a win-win for both students and banks

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  • Small start
    Small start
    By Sanjiv Bhasin | October 25, 2015

    New payment and small finance banks could pose a threat to public sector banks

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  • Safe and steady
    Safe and steady
    By Abhinav Singh | August 23, 2015

    Term life insurance plans are in vogue, thanks to low premiums and high covers

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  • Passbook to Facebook
    Passbook to Facebook
    By Vandana | August 23, 2015

    Banks tap into social media to engage existing customers and to find new ones

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  • Bank with a bang!
    Bank with a bang!
    By Tarun Arora | March 08, 2015

    After a dull 2014, HDFC Bank is all set to have a great year ahead

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