Number of French women in ISIS rises to 220

female-jihadists-afp There is no evidence that any of these women have gone into battle | AFP

The number of French women who left for Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State rose to 220 in 2015, state-media reported on Friday.

This increase is significant when compared with a total of 164 French nationals who were recorded to have joined the terrorist group until September 2015, according to a secret service report quoted by France Info radio.

Given that the French secret services have noted that a total of 600 French nationals have travelled to Syria and Iraq to join the IS, the percentage of women has risen to 35 per cent, versus 10 per cent in 2013, EFE news reported.

There is no evidence that any of these women have gone into battle, as some of them have gone to look for a jihadi husband and others have gone to join their husbands or his family in Syria and Iraq.

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