Donkeys help cure depression, assist differently-abled kids

donkey Donkeys are really good with differently-abled children | via Commons

For most people, coming home to a pet—a dog, puppy, cat or a kitten—provides much-needed relief after a stressful day at work. Pets cheer people up, make them feel loved and give much attention.

While dogs, cats or even rabbits are excellent pets, there is one animal that can cheer you up like no other. And that is donkey.

Donkey Assisted Therapy (DAT) is a new form of therapy which has reached in India. The therapy sessions are conducted at the DAT Centre in Ahmedabad that has been rescuing donkeys from the past 13 years.

Pointing out that donkey is a docile animal, veterinary coordinator of Donkey Sanctuary India Ramesh Kumar Perumal said it can also be a good pet.

"Unfortunately there is a stigma attached to this pet in India. A donkey can be an excellent facilitator in the motivation building process, stimulating development in differently-abled children and cultivating psycho-affective and psycho cognitive development processes,” Perumal said, according to media reports.

DAT Centre in Ahmedabad allows children with special needs to ride on donkeys and lets adults to spend time with the animals for free. Donkeys are really good with differently-abled children.

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