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Uber driver threatens woman passenger with rape; gets beaten up


An Uber driver in Kolkata was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly threatening a woman passenger with rape but, not before getting beaten up by the feisty girl that he threatened.

The accused identified as Santu Pramanik tried to take the woman passenger to an isolated place as “he threatened his passenger: "Rape korey debo (Will rape you),” reported The Telegraph.

The woman said that the driver's behavior with her got nasty after her friend got off. He indulged in rash driving, drove the wrong way down, agonising the lone passenger. When the 27-year-old Jadavpur University student protested, he tried to shut her up by threatening to rape and dump her body in a ditch.

He also claimed that he has done this to several women, recalled the passenger, according to the report in the newspaper.

"I won't be a victim and be found dead in the bushes by the roadside," she told herself as the situation was getting worse.

As she realsied things were spinning out of control, she first screamed for help from the moving car through the window. And later she jumped out of the moving car for safety. The driver also stepped out and tried to push her back inside the car. Expect it wasn't as easy as he thought.

The defence lessons she had learned in school 15 years ago came in handy. She put up a fist fight and targeted his leg to make him fall down before running to her safety. The driver taken aback by the resistance, got back into the car and came in reverse to stop her. However, she jumped out of the way.

The driver sped away. The girl narrated the incident to her mother and friend and reported to the Uber through the app.

Following which, a police complaint was filed and the 28-year-old driver was arrested on the charges of wrongful restraint, molestation and criminal intimidation.

In a statement, Uber has said that it has shared all the details of Santu with the police and the driver has also been blocked from using its platform.

Santu has been sent to 14-day judicial custody.

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