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Sushma's tweet helps detained Assam girl in Istanbul, gets her to rest at 'Shahrukh's house'

Aradhana-Barooah Aradhana Barooah

Aradhana Barooah, a medical science student studying in Ukraine had to undergo a lot of mental stress as she was detained at Istanbul airport due to lack of transit visa.

The 20-year-old student was on her way to Guwahati for the summer vacation.

With no where to turn, her parents sent out a tweet to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. And the minister immediately looked into it and solved the problem.

Sushma directed the Consulate General of India in Istanbul to take care of the matter from her Twitter handle. The Indian officials responded quickly, solved the matter within an hour and made alternative arrangements for her travel to India.

“Aaradhana left Istanbul for India via Dubai. Alternate travel arrngmts made for her in consult with family1/2 @SushmaSwaraj @IndianEmbassyTR,” tweeted the Consulate General of India in Istanbul.

“Aaradhana had a visa problem. We will try to resolve baggage problem tomorrow. 2/2 @SushmaSwaraj @IndianEmbassyTR @pichkumoloy,” it added.

She was put on a flight to Dubai, from there she took another flight to Mumbai.

Mistaken identity

Aaradhana was offered accommodation in a family friend’s house named Shahrukh Khan. Many of Aaradhana's friends and well-wishers took to twitter praising Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan for playing a good Samaritan for an aggrieved girl. The misunderstanding also made headlines on local TV news channels.

Following which Sushma also took to Twitter to appreciate the Bollywood King Khan.

However, the news publications which spoke to the girl's family clarified the confusion.

CORRECTION: Earlier, the report said that Aaradhana was allowed to rest at Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's house. She actually took rest at the house of her friend, Shahrukh, a fellow medical student in Ukraine, before she continued her journey to Guwahati.

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