#PoMoneModi trends on Twitter as Modi visits Kerala today


The hashtag #PoMoneModi has been trending on Twitter with more than 26,000 tweets (at the time of publishing this article). The hashtag emerged in response to Prime Minister Modi's statement regarding infant death rate in Attapadi. He has said that the death rate in Attapadi was higher than in Somalia.

The Congress and Left latched on to the comment and criticised Modi for the rhetoric. Chief Minister Oomen Chandi even wrote a letter to the PM demanding that he withdraw the comment and that he had insulted the state.

The informal translation of the term 'Po Mone Modi' is 'go back silly'. The phrase has been borrowed from a movie starring Mohanlal Narasimham, where the protagonist uses the punchline 'Po Mone Dinesha'.

Meanwhile, Modi will address rallies for Assembly elections in Kerala and Tamil Nadu as polls in both the states are to be held on 16th of this month and campaigning has reached its peak.

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