Pawan Kalyan continues to fight for special status for AP

Pawan-Kalyan-pti (File) Pawan Kalyan

“I am not driven by anyone and I don’t need anyone to guide me. If the political parties fail, we will show what Jana Sena can achieve," said Power Star Pawan Kalyan at a huge gathering at Kakinada in East Godavari of Andhra Pradesh. The event was the first phase of the Jana Sena’s ‘Atma Gaurava Sabha’

The rhetoric of the Power Star is aimed at probably convincing the people that he is fighting for special status for Andhra Pradesh all alone. The actor-turned- politician also has the 2019 elections in mind as he wants to create a base for himself to assume a more prominent role in the state politics.

When a similar meeting was held in Tirupathi, it was understood that Kalyan was doing it at the behest of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu who was rumoured to be using him against another Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabhan.

The stance which Kalyan is taking is surprising since it would seem he is working against the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), a party he supported along with the BJP during the 2014 elections. Thanks to Kalyan's presence there was a vote swing which went in favour of the TDP. He also asked AP MPs to be more aggressive. "Apply some chilly paste on your body. You will at least become hot,” he said.

"I am not here to instigate you. I am not calling you to block roads. We have TDP MLAs and MPs, YSRCP MLAs and MPs. They have a responsibility. They have to fight,” he said.

Slamming BJP, TDP and the Congress for doing "injustice" to Andhra Pradesh, the Jana Sena president demanded Seemandhra MPs to raise their voice in Parliament or resign to exert pressure on the Centre. Not sparing the NDA, Kalyan said, “How dare the BJP deny special status to AP? By adopting double standards, the BJP has lost the trust of the people of Andhra Pradesh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave rotten laddus to the people of AP and TDP has welcomed it. Who wants rotten laddus?”

Kalyan said Venkaiah Naidu has effectively dismantled the future of the BJP in Andhra Pradesh and advised the BJP workers to search for another party.

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