Kerala woman helps mom to reunite with 68-yr-old lover 32 yrs later


Aathira Dathan is a happy woman. She has done what only a few others are willing to even think of. In what appears to be straight out of a romantic movie, she helped her 50-year-old mother to get married to her 68-year-old lover. The couple were forced to separate 32 years ago.

In her Facebook post, Aathira recounts the love story of her mother and the tragedy that followed. Anitha Chembuvilayil, hailing from Ochira of Kollam district in Kerala, was a class 10 student when she fell in love with G. Vikraman, a teacher in a parallel college.

Anitha's father, an assistant engineer in the Army, was opposed to their relationship as he didn't want his daughter to end with a teacher who was also a Leftist leader.

Her father even threatened to kill Vikraman if he continued with their relationship. Eventually Anitha was married off to another person.

A heart-broken Vikraman left his job and went away to Chavara in the same district. He continued with his party activities, but never got married.

Meanwhile, Anitha had a rather unhappy marriage. Her husband turned out to be an alcoholic even though he loved his two daughters. He committed suicide when Aathira was 8-years-old.

Despite all the odds, Anitha managed to educate her daughters. Aathira was a college student when her mother opened up about her long lost love.

On hearing the story of her mother and Vikraman, Aathira felt the need to reunite them. Vikraman by then had returned to Ochira to lead a quiet retired life. He, however, contested elections at the request of the party and became a ward member. Aathira got in touch with him and set stage for the couple's reunion.

Though Aathira wanted them to get married as soon as possible, the old couple decided to wait till her marriage. Two months ago, Aathira got married. With the support of a few friends and close relatives, she helped her mother marry the man she loved and lost 32 years ago.

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