Kashmir unrest: Pellet-hit faces of celebrities, leaders go viral

modi-srk-pellet Morphed images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and actor Shah Rukh Khan | Facebook/neverforgetpk

In order to highlight the sufferings of people hit by pellet guns, A Pakistani lawyer has created a powerful album of morphed photographs. The album shows popular and powerful Indian personalities as victims of this “non-lethal” crowd controlling weapon.

Lawyer Mohammed Jibran Nasir has used images of Shah Rukh Khan, Narendra Modi Amitabh Bachchan and Virat Kohli among others, to invoke strong emotion against the use of pellet guns in the Valley.

The images are posted on 'Never Forget Pakistan' Facebook page. The morphed images of the celebrities carry letters describing the alleged atrocities of the army and the sufferings of the pellet gun victims.

“You know these faces. Does that make the tragedies more important? The stories in the letters are real. The names signed under the letter are real. Just the victim you see in the picture is not real. But do you care what is the profile of the victim for you to sympathise and empathise with them? For you to speak for them? Why do we need to glamourize a tragedy in order for people to pay attention. Have we all become that numb,” says the Facebook post of the campaign.

The 'Never Forget Pakistan' website describes itself as "a collective of concerned citizens belonging to various walks of life such as law, journalism and media etc. who have come together for the advancement of the counter narrative to extremism and terrorism in Pakistan.”

The hard-hitting images are being widely shared on social networking sites.

The recent string of violence in Jammu and Kashmir over the death of Hizbul Mujahideen's 'poster boy' Burhan Wani in an encounter by security forces has put the focus back on pellet guns.

The pellet guns used as one of the crowd controlling measures and it is classified as a “non lethal weapon” by security forces. The recent round of violence, however, has thrown up a different picture in Kashmir.

More than 350 people have suffered pellet injuries, including disfigurement and eye injuries ranging from partial to total loss of vision.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh had recently appealed to security forces to refrain from using pellet guns when controlling the crowd due to widespread public anger after the weapon caused multiple casualties.

The Jammu and Kashmir High Court has also pulled up the state government and asked it to discontinue the services of pellet guns.

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