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In pictures: what happens to Indian cities after a downpour

Bombay_flooded_street Mumbai flood | Wikimedia Commons

It is nearly the same story every year. When the monsoon hits, Indian cities grapple with clogged drains, flooded streets and traffic snarls. As Delhi and Gurgaon struggle with unending traffic woes, the district magistrate declared 29 and 30 July as holidays for schools. Residents have also been told to stay away from Gurgaon, especially those travelling from Delhi.

The clogging and subsequent traffic jam started on Thursday, July 28, with one massive downpour that lasted an hour and a half.

Commuters on the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway were reportedly stuck for hours. Even to cover a distance of five kilometres, commuters waited for three to four hours. Venting their frustration on social media, some users posted photos of various situations, from flooded roads to horrible traffic blocks.

Monsoon played it fair and unleashed its fury even in cities such as Mumbai and Bengaluru, where the situation is similar. In the low-lying areas of Mumbai, such as Sion, water logging put a halt to local train services. For residents of Mumbai, this scene repeats itself every year, making one question why nothing has ever been done about it.

In Bengaluru, rains have wreaked havoc since Tuesday, July 26. The city of lakes, which was also hit by a public bus transport strike this week, also faced traffic blocks that lasted hours.

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