Please, don't say Islam is a religion of peace: Taslima

INDIA Taslima Nasreen | Reuters

A day after 20 people were killed by Islamic terrorists at a restaurant in Dhaka, noted Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen condemned the bloody attack and asserted that Islam was not a religion of peace.

In a series of tweets, she also questioned the arguments that poverty makes people terrorist. "You don't need poverty, illiteracy, frustration, America's foreign policy or Israel's conspiracy to become an Islamic terrorist. You need Islam," she said.

Taslima pointed out all Dhaka terrorists were well educated. “All Dhaka terrorists were from rich families (and) studied in elite schools. Please do not say poverty and illiteracy make people Islamic terrorists,” she said.

The controversial writer, who has been living in exile since 1994 after death threats from Islamic fundamentalists, said Nibras Islam, the Dhaka attack terrorist, studied at Turkish Hopes school and North South and Monash University. He was later brainwashed and became a terrorist, she added.

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“For humanity's sake please do not say Islam is a religion of peace. Not anymore,” Taslima said.

Quoting senior journalist Saleem Samad, she said: “Bangladesh has been a major contributor to global terror. Bangladeshi men have joined terror outfits in 36 countries."

Twenty hostages, including 19-year-old Indian girl Tarushi Jain, were hacked to death by terrorists inside the cafe popular with expats in the diplomatic zone before commandos launched an assault killing six attackers and capturing one alive.

Reports said, the militants performed a religion identity check on their captives and asked them to recite the Quran. Those who recited verses from the holy Muslim book were spared, while others were slaughtered, they said.

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