Missing Antonov – Vital statistics

AFP_DG9NZ_220716135548 (FILES) An Indian air force AN-32 transport aircraft at an air force base in Srinagar | AFP

An AN-32 aircraft went missing while on its flight to Port Blair on Friday after it took off from Tambaram air base in Chennai at 8.30 am and lost control after 15 minutes.

What is AN-32?
A light military multi-purpose transport aircraft.

To transport cargo over short and medium range air routes. It can be used for carrying military personnel, aerial delivery of paratroopers and cargo. Its ambulance version can be used in medical emergencies.

The aircraft can withstand adverse weather conditions better than the standard AN-26. Has a high manoeuvrability for flights to mountain-based airfields with difficult approaches.
Fitted with all modern cargo handling devices.

shutterstock_145061623 A stamp printed in Russia shows O.K.Antonov planes, on the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of O.K.Antonov(1906-1984), the aircraft designer | Olga Popova

Behind the name
The aircraft is named after Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov, who was a Russian aircraft designer. AN stands for Antonov, born in 1906. He died in 1984.

Number of Engines

Use in India
AN-32 is used by the IAF for medium lift operations.
The IAF is using 105 AN-32s

More than 240 AN-32 aircraft are being operated for military purposes in countries all over the world.

Versions of AN-32
AN-32B aircraft for commercial airlift.
AN-32P fire-fighting aircraft, using 8 tons of fire suppression liquid

Price of AN-32
$12 million

Can fly at 1,350 nautical miles
Can cruise at 8100 metres altitude
Can reach a higher maximum cruise speed at 286 knots (329 mph)

27 tons

Seats 50 passengers

Flight duration
Can fly for up to four hours without refuelling

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