Shoulder power

  • Photo: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya
  • Photo: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya
  • Photo: Bhanu Prakash Chandra; Model: Manasa Upadhya

Opening the shoulders and moving the shoulder blades closer provides an excellent stretch for the chest. This removes congestion at the thoracic outlet where the arm nerves/vessels pass through. Any congestion on these nerves results in pain and discomfort and is usually known as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This posture is an antidote for the syndrome. The posture also helps the arms and the neck.

Note: These postures must be practised in a graded way. If you have a history of shoulder dislocation, consult your doctor before doing this exercise.

* Practitioner to stand upright with arms straight down.
* Facilitator stands behind the practitioner about a feet away.
* Practitioner moves the arms slightly back.
* Facilitator leans forward and gently locks the arms of the practitioner.
* Facilitator flexes the arms and locks the elbows from outside and takes the forearms from under to press the upper back with the palms.
* Facilitator pushes the upper back of the practitioner.
* Facilitator further straightens and lifts the practitioner’s arms up.
* Practitioner to stay for about 30 seconds with slow deep breathing.
* Facilitator gently lowers and releases grip.
* Repeat and relax.

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