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Stay engaged

Stay engaged

Need advice about moving into a new neighbourhood? Or are you looking for a gang to hit the club with? For all this and more, you have to be in the right circle, a local circle.

Localcircles app is a citizen engagement platform that connects you to the right people, through a live chat, to discuss anything from national governance to hobbies and interests. It also helps you find emergency assistance and resolve civic issues.

So, if you need a plumber or want to voice your opinion about economic policy, just go to the app. In fact, surveys on governance, conducted among Localcircles users, have hit headlines many times. It is easy to participate and is usually more productive than spending time on Facebook.

Users say the app has touched their lives in many ways. Noida resident Madhav Sharma, a retired widower, says he feels he is no longer alone. “I can ask for any help or highlight any civic issue around me and people respond to my needs,” he says.

Localcircles has been in existence for some time in its online avatar, but the app is much better. The easy-to-use interface allows you to create your own circle, a la WhatsApp, only more interesting.

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