'Hawa Hawa Yeh hawa, Khushboo Luta De!

'Hawa Hawa Yeh hawa, Khushboo Luta De!
  • Fresh air is increasingly becoming a rarity. Fortunately, help is at hand

We are all aware of the alarming rise of air pollution levels in major metro cities in India and the health hazards that come with it. A report by World Health Organization states that 22 of the world’s 50 most polluted cities are in India. Recently, the Central Pollution Board submitted a report to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) on the air quality status in 15 Indian cities—specifically about Particulate Matter (PM)—the term experts use for what you and I call dust, dirt, smoke and soot. The Usual Suspects are always there in any Indian name-and-shame list, with top honours of the dubious kind for metros like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore.

Now even tier two cities like Pune, Patna, Amritsar and Kolkata have made it to the list with rising levels of Nitrogen Dioxide in the air caused due to road traffic and vehicular exhausts. While we are taking measures to avoid breathing the outdoor polluted air by wearing masks, covering ourselves while driving two wheelers or not stepping out during heavy smog, have we ever given a thought to the indoor air quality?

For a year or two, indoor air purifiers have been available in India, but it is only this year that they have been marketed aggressively, especially in the more polluted cities. Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi with the Mi Air Purifier 2 is the recent entrant. We got a chance to check it out and here’s our take:

The Mi Air Purifier 2 comes with a cylindrical design with 3 dimensional vents that can suck the impure air from across the room. It has two exhaust fans at the top to throw out clean or purified air. It has a 360-degree cylindrical filter with triple-layer design that includes a PET pre-filter for larger particles like hair and dust, EPA filter for PM 2.5 particles, and activated carbon filter to absorb odor and smoke. You can easily remove the filter and replace it with a new one every six months. Well some of you may think of it as an expense, but we feel that it’s better to have clean, new one instead of spending time in cleaning the filter.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 delivers fresh air at 310 cubic metres per hour CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). It is ideal for a room sized between 21 to 37 square metres. The purifier cleans air in less than 20 minutes for a 21 square metre area, which would typically be a 1 BHK apartment.

It is a pretty compact and lightweight unit and setting it up in a corner of your bedroom or maneuvering it around your home isn’t going to be a tedious task. And for those who are concerned about the aesthetics, the unit looks quite classy in white. Mi Air Purifier 2 is 52 cm tall and weighs 4.8 kg approximately.

The air purifier comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled via Mi Home app, available on Android and iOS. The set up took us only five minutes and we felt it was quite simple too. Once you are connected to the app, you can start real time monitoring of the air inside. The app gives you details about the AQI (air quality index) inside the room, humidity levels, and temperature. The air purifier comes with three modes of operation, auto, sleep and favorite. What we really liked is the silent functioning of the unit especially in the sleep mode, so you can keep the air purifier on even while you are asleep. You can also set up a timer and access it remotely using the app. According to Xiaomi, the unit consumes only 4.8 Watts energy.

Just like your air conditioners, refrigerator, and other home appliances; air purifiers too would become a need soon. The Mi Air Purifier 2 is an effective yet affordable solution for fresh indoor air. Priced at Rs. 9,999, it is now available on The spare filter costs Rs. 2,499.

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