An app for those who value their time

  • Set a limit for any activity—and TimeOut will ensure you keep it!

Are you a compulsive participant on social media? Then you know how time flies! Here is an app that might help. A lot of things are unorganised on one's smartphone. The TimeOut (, puts every piece in its place and helps you get organised. It allows you to set the time for a specific activity and gives the choice to either continue or exit after a pop-up notification. Timeout is dedicated to helping people track and manage their time. It encourages users to manage time within limits they themselves set. We can finish checking our emails and finalise our business deals within a 5-minute time frame through TimeOut.

The app also provides a ‘time analysis’ feature. It summarises activities in a pie chart on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. This helps to evaluate and make better choices towards usage of time.

TimeOut comes with a maximum setting time of 60 minutes. The default setting time is 15 minutes. Once the TimeOut pops up, you can choose to continue the activity for the same amount of time. You can also choose to exit the activity after the TimeOut pop-up. It is available in App Store or Google Play Store

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