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Join the adventure

Join the adventure

Ever had the chance to snowboard the slopes of the Andes mountains? Alto's Adventure, an endless runner snowboarding video game developed by Snowman, gives you the chance, albeit in the virtual world.

The breathtakingly beautiful graphics, and the changing light and weather in the game make for interesting scenery all along as you snowboard.This is a game that will appeal to users for its calming effect.

After initially releasing on iStore in February 2015, the developers came out with the Android version a year later. The Windows version was released in July 2016.

The game sets the adventurer in you racing. Both the characters Alto and Maya, leave their sleepy village to catch llamas that have escaped.

On route they cross chasms, jump ropes and grind walls; all the while performing amazing acrobatics. The thrill of completing one stunt will leave you looking for more complex tricks—which give bonus points.

Beware, if you wake the elders! Only a good set of stunts will help escape them.

The stunt points add up to longer scarves for the characters. And once the scarf is fully charged, it allows the characters to fly and perform mid-air stunts. The clever characters and the beautiful soothing background music in this game are also worth a mention.

And in case you fall while snowboarding, don't worry. You won’t break a neck or a limb. Simply watch a video to get one of the three life extensions.

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