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  • Surveillance cameras for the home have become affordable—and versatile, like this model from Portronics

Such are the perils of urban living that many home owners feel the need to install digital cameras to keep an eye on their apartment doors, their vehicles parked in the garage or basement—or even their children while they are sleeping ot playing. An Internet-driven surveillance camera is a fairly easy, do-it-yourself solution that is becoming more affordable, and more usefully, ever more versatile.

The SeeSaw surveillance camera from Portronics is in many ways a standard device in this class—it is wireless, WiFi-driven and comes with the ability to store an archive of live imagery for many days., It works by day and night and has a 720 p HD lens good enough and wide enough to cover an entire room ( or lobby). A magnetic base plate makes it easy to attach any metallic surface on the ceiling. However it needs main power at all times.

But what sets it apart from many other such cameras is its two way sound feature: The camera has both microphone and loud speaker. This can be very useful if for example you use the camera to monitor a baby's cot and want to be alerted when it cries.

More usefully if the children are older and you have left them alone in the house, you can speak to them and reassure yourself from where ever you are—using the mobile app that matches this camera. If you use it to keep an eye on your car or your main door, it will also alert you by detecting any motion in its vicinity.

All told, the asking price of Rs 3999 may be reasonable for the peace of mind that it buys. 

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