Get smart, as you ride that bike!

  • You can convert any bicycle into a smart bike with this kit

We know all about smart cars—they come with a  screen on the dashboard that links to the  GPS navigation system, monitors your speed and fuel and  tells you how to get where you want to go. 

It was inevitable that  bicycle riders, sooner or later, would ask: If cars can be smart, why not bikes?  

A Hubli, Karnataka,  startup,  Bitmotion, has made that wish come true. It has created an affordable conversion  kit  which when fitted to any bicycle, will 'smarten' it! 

It comes with front and tail lights that turn  on when needed, turn off when  your ride ends and dim when you stop. 

Once you have linked the Bitmotion kit to your phone with an app, it will sense when an  accident has happened and  send a message to priority contacts  you have listed. The main unit of the kit which is integral with the head lamp,  has in-built GPS and  a  2.4 inch LCD TFT  display which provides turn-by-turn navigation and suggests the best route. Other sensors are barometric pressure, ambient light and motion sensor.  The built-in lithium ion battery works for  30 hours of biking and recharges within 3 1/2  hours. It links to your phone via Bluetooth

The Bitmotion kit  will cost around Rs 8000  and you will soon be  invited to pre book the kit.  

The  2 piece (front and back light) unit  was unveiled at the recent India Gadgetz Expo in Bangalore. Bitmotion Cofounder Rajiv Hirur indicated that  the  company is currently crowdsourcing the production and  it should be available by February 2017.

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