Fast, Fit and Young

  • Reflex, Fastrack’s fitness band is meant for the young and driven

Health trackers are gaining a mass appeal with more and more fitness conscious consumer wanting to keep a track of their daily activities. But one also looks at the cost factor and whether investing in one would pinch one's pocket. While there are many well known brands in this segment that would make you shell out a lot of money, new players too are coming with products that are affordable. Fastrack, a company owned by Titan, recently entered the fitness wristband market with its Fastrack Reflex. We used this device for a few days and here’s what we think.

Just like any other regular fitness band, the Fastrack Reflex also calculates steps taken, distance covered and calorie, and hours slept. It also has a sedentary reminder, if you are being a couch potato for a long time. There’s also a call and text notification. The tracker lacks only in one area, it doesn’t come with a heart-sensor. If you are willing to overlook this one particular feature then we feel that this might work for you, as in our experience we got pretty accurate metric results of our day-to-day activities.

Moving on to the physical aspects, the band comes with a rugged-looking, rubber strap. While the display is black, the strap is available in three colour variants of purple, black and blue. Weighing 32.3 grams, the Reflex isn’t the lightest and after wearing this device for few hours we did feel the heaviness on our wrists. But the rigidity gives it a stronger resistance to scratches, as we did not find even a single scratch even after few bumps on its head. It also offers IPX6 water resistance and can tolerate few water splashes.

The fitness tracker has a 0.91 inch OLED display. It features a built-in USB charging port, which we feel is a convenient option as it saves the hassle of carrying a separate charger. The 70 mAh battery needs to be charged only once in 15 days.

Reflex is supported by an app that can be downloaded for both, iOS and Android. For connectivity it uses Bluetooth.

According to Titan, the fitness band is mainly targeted towards the millennials. We feel that the Reflex, with its basic offering, is ideal for those who are planning to invest in a wearable technology for the first time. It is now available across e-commerce portals and retail stores for Rs. 1995.

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