A 'healthy' fit for your wrist

A 'healthy' fit for your wrist
  • In its entry into the wearables sector, Ambrane brings its signature good value

Ambrane is an Indian brand with a reputation for delivering  solid value for money in the sectors it has entered. It has hitherto been known mostly for its broad range of powerbanks. This month it has made a foray into health wearables—albeit not of its own manufacture—and brings the same awareness of what constitutes a good deal to its launch product.

The AFB-11 Flexi Fit is ultra light—just 25 grams without the clip-on silicone-rubber wrist band and comes with an exposed USB connector for charging. Once the 60 mAh Lithium Ion battery is charged, a gentle swipe on the surface toggle through its various displays:  Time and date; heart rate; number of steps; distance covered; calories burnt or stop watch cum alarm. You can also pair the device to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, once you have installed the FlexiFit app from Google Play or Play Store.

You can then use the wearable device, as a remote to control the music playing on your phone or remotely click the camera. You can set up various notifications like incoming call or message, goal completed or low battery. The Flexi Fit can also be configured to find your phone if you have misplaced it and left it under a heap of clothes on your bed! It can be set up to monitor your sleep pattern-- though I have never understood why a normal healthy person needs to do this.

Having tried it for a few days, I was inclined to forget I was wearing it—so light and unobtrusive is the Flexi Fit. At Rs 1799 (at Flipkart) this unpretentious Ambrane wearable device will seem to most buyers as money well spent.

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