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Sologamy—the most talked about relationship trend now

Sologamy—the most talked about relationship trend now

Many people spend a lifetime waiting to find their perfect soulmate, while there are others who get grilled under immense pressure from family to find a match from matrimonial websites. And there are others who believe they do not need a partner to live a happy life. So, what if you did not have to go through these emotional hassles; what if you could just marry your self?

If that's what you would rather do, sologamy is the answer to your woes. In this new relationship trend, sologamists choose to marry themselves. The term 'sologamy' has gone viral on social media after a media report of sologamist Erika Anderson, a 37-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, came out.

In a wedding ceremony in Brooklyn, New York, Anderson, dressed in a white bridal dress and holding a bouquet of flowers, said 'I do' to herself. The wedding ceremony was just like a traditional one in which Anderson walked the aisle, albeit, all by herself. According to a video that has been widely shared on social media, she said she turned to declaring her self-love because she was tired of people constantly asking her if she'd ever get married. She said that through this wedding function, she wanted to send across a message that 'women are enough even if they are not partnered with someone else.'

Though the video just surfaced recently, setting it off as a trend, Anderson has been 'happily married to herself' for one year now. In fact, she even celebrated her first anniversary with a solo trip to Mexico. Now, this doesn't mean Anderson is too self-obsessed to be in a relationship. She is actually dating someone.

The idea of sologamy trending, has surely caught the attention of youngsters in India. While it may be difficult to find someone who has actually married one's own self, the idea does seem to have takers. For instance, 31-year-old Arka Datta, a novelist based in Kolkata says: “I have never believed in marriages. But people would always ask me how can I reject an idea without trying it. Sologamy seems like the perfect choice here. I am getting married but I am also staying single. My union with myself. Perfect!”

Who knows, sologamy might pick up as trend here, too.

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