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'N'route to sweet success

  • Neyyappam
  • Nutella
  • Nougat
  • Nachos
  • Nori
  • When everything is sweet, the race turns bitter and you may have to sweat it out to see if you can be sweeter.

Malayalis all over the world have been eager beavers for quite a while. They have vigorously flung themselves into a campaign to get the latest version of Android named after one of their favourite desserts. However, they will have to keep their powder dry this time to hit a home run as the finger-licking Neyyappam is facing a stiff challenge from a number of competitors.

When everything is sweet, the race turns bitter and you may have to sweat it out to see if you can be sweeter. Nachos, Nori, Nutella, Noodles, Nougat...there are infinite number of ‘N’ treats across the world that makes a section of Neyyappam fans feel the chill wind in their campaign.

Nutella is, of course, one of the favourites in the contest. Why can't Google choose this sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread from Italy? Moreover, the Ferrero product is quite famous and loved universally. Or, will the software major stay away from choosing a brand name and wasting time with complex trademark issues? But such a hope doesn't hold water, as the company has a history of having picked a brand name–Kit Kat–for an earlier version of Android.

But don't you think 'Android Nori' sounds better for the next Android version due in September? Nori is an edible seaweed and, of course, not much popular as a dessert. But the word itself has taken a celebrity stature after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West nicknamed their daughter North West, Nori.

What about Android Nougat, a Middle Eastern confection? Nougat is not at all naughty but a candid mixture of nuts, egg, fruits and sugar. If Google decides to go with a funny word this time, Nougat stands a chance of winning the race. Another dish Nut Brittle can also be nabbed easily by the company as this sweet knows no bounds unlike Neyyappam. This treat is popular in the US, Europe, the Middle East as well as Asia.

Other major competitors in the race are Neapolitan Ice Cream—an Italian staple dessert made in form of a block, separated into three distinct flavours—and New York Cheesecake, a widely loved dessert that relies heavily on sour cream. If the length of the names makes you feel a tad bit confident about their rejection, do not forget Android 4.0 was Ice cream Sandwich. One argument against New York Cheesecake is that it is named after a particular city and doesn’t suit a global product. And, if Google wants to give a ‘lengthy’ feeling with a short name, then how about Noodles?

Another front runner, French pastry Napolean, also known Vanilla slice or custard slice, might lend a mighty impression to the product, although there is little evidence that connects the cake to the French political leader. Meanwhile, Tex-Mex Nachos hopes to break the sweet trend and be the first savoury to add spice to the campaign.

Other words hoping to crack the Android N code are Nectar, Nana, Nando’s, Nesquik, Noisette, Nugget, Now and Later, Nature Valley and Nespresso. Some desi names like Naankhatai, Naru, Nolen Gur and Namak Pare were running the race until they lost momentum and fizzled out.

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