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Sexology  Dr D Narayana Reddy

Dr. Reddy is a consultant in Sexual Medicine at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. He is a Fellow of the American College of Sexologists. He has received numerous honors and awards including Life Time Achievement Gold Medal Award by the World Association for Sexual Health.

What is the average size of penis size? My penis is 15 cm during erection. Is that normal? My friends say they have 20-22 cm. Is this a birth defect?Question by: Sakhtitula
Answer : You do not seem to have any birth defect. You penis size is within the normal range. All that a man requires for a satisfactory sex life is a penis measuring 2inches or 5cms on erection. Research tells us that the mean length of an erect human penis is approximately 13.12+1.66cms or 5.17+0.65 inches.
I am 21 years old. I feel pain at the buttocks when I sit for a few hours. I have to travel one hour to my workplace and when I travel by my penis feels excited. I think it is penis numbness. It also happens when i sit for a meeting which lasts a few hours. I have tried different sitting postures but I couldn't get relief. Will this affect my sex ability. Pls advise some effective methods to get rid of it.Question by: Manohar
Answer : You are contradicting yourself. You say that your penis is excited while travelling. You also say that you think it is “numbness”. Please be more clear. Regarding pain in the buttocks consult an Orthopedician.
What is the average duration of sex not considering the foreplay (only the insertion phase).Will it differ while masturbating? What is with premature ejaculation?Question by: Creo
Answer : The duration of coital thrusting (from penetration to ejaculation) in man varies not only from man to man but also from time to time in the same man.

Sex researchers Kinsey and his team found that 75% of their male study subjects ejaculated with in 2minutes of penetration. Masters and Johnson found in their research that an average men took four minutes to reach orgasm with their partners. To the question “How long does sex normally last?” Australian researcher Brenden Zietsch’s research answers “5.4 minutes”

While there is no difference in duration between genital intercourse and masturbation in men, women reach orgasm faster on masturbation

Simplistically speaking, premature ejaculation means an ejaculation occurring before the woman can reach orgasm.

It is better to focus on the woman’s responses than being unduly bothered by the ejaculatory latency.
I just want to know what happens when someone consumes couple of i-pills and its side effect? What is the gravity of the damage done to the body and will it be hard to get pregnant again?Question by: Radhika
Answer : The side effects of any emergency contraception pill are: Nausea/vomiting; headache; feeling tired; fatigue; feeling dizzy; lower abdominal pain; vaginal bleeding and breast tenderness.

Most of these symptoms will resolve within 2 or 3 days. No it will not be hard to get pregnant later.
I am 21 yrs old and I masturbate daily. I have the fear that in future my marriage life will not be satisfying. I feel my sex life will have some problems like premature ejaculation because during masturbation I ejaculate easily.Question by: Randy
Answer : Masturbation does not cause any health problems. It will not affect your future marriage provided you are confident about yourself. Problems like premature ejaculation occur due to various causes and not due to masturbation.
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