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Dr. Jame Abraham is the director of the Breast Oncology Program at the Taussig Cancer Institute, co-director of the Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program at Cleveland Clinic and a professor of medicine at the Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.

I am 73 years old and suffering from Advanced Prostate Cancer and have been undergoing treatment since July 14. First, Radiotherapy 35 sittings, then Hormone therapy (Eligard Inj.) 6 in number and now Chemo 6 cycles ( Inj. Docetaxel every 21 days from 4-2-16 to 9-5-16 ). Kindly advise about the diet to save hair fall and stomach upset.Question by: Jagdish Singh
Answer : Mr. Singh, There is no specific diet to prevent chemotherapy induced hair loss. There are some new scalp cooling devices being developed at this point to test hair loss prevention. It is widely used in Europe. Many cancer centers in the U.S, including our cancer center is doing clinical trials with similar devices for prevention of chemotherapy induced hair loss.
What is the life span of stage III breast cancer patient?Question by: gomathi
Answer : Ms. Gomathi, Thank you for the question. Stage of a cancer depends upon the size of the tumor and number of lymph nodes. Stage III means, the tumor could be more than 5 cm or multiple lymph nodes positive. Staging is important for prognosis. But at the same time, factors such as Estrogen Receptor/Progesterone receptor and her-2, and grade of the tumor is as important. ER/PR negative and her-2 negative, is known as triple negative. A stage 3 triple negative tumor is more aggressive than stage 3, ER/PR positive and her-2 negative tumor. Her-2 positive tumor, when treated with trastuzumab has excellent prognosis also. Overall 5 -10 year cancer free survival of a patient with stage III breast cancer is about 60-80%. But even if the cancer comes back, we can still treat and overall survival is much better than that. As I mentioned, it is influenced by multiple factors as explained above. Hope this helps.
My 68-year-old mother is a survivor of carcinoma rectum. She has undergone end ileostomy. Now stoma is communicating with operated stomach. How to stop it?Question by: senthil
Answer : Senthil, The only way to fix this is by doing surgery. But please talk to your mother's surgeons about this. Probably the extent the tumor and her medical conditions may complicate the situation.
My brother, 70, has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Please suggest how to go about it. Is chemotherapy useful?Question by: mahadevan
Answer : Mr. Mahadevan, Sorry to hear about your brother. Treatment of stomach cancer depends upon the stage and type of cancer. Most importantly, his other medical problems and his wishes regarding treatment is important. If he has multiple medical problems, he may not tolerate aggressive treatment approaches. We have to balance the risk and benefit of the approach in the context of his other medical problems. If he is otherwise healthy, early stage cancers are treated with primary surgery with or without chemo and radiation. Locally advanced and metastatic cancers will benefit from chemotherapy and radiation.
I am 19 years old. I had nasopharyngal carcinoma IVB. I received radiation and chemotherapy in June 2015. Now I am unable to eat solid food. No saliva. What should I do to regain my saliva?Question by: Anjani kumar
Answer : Dear Kumar, I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis at an early age. I hope you will continue to get better. Inflammation of mouth after radiation and chemotherapy is a very painful side effect. There are many approaches to prevent and treat this. We use "magic mouth wash" with a mixture of lidocaine and antacids. Please talk to your oncologist or radiation doctor about it. If the pain is too bad, then we use narcotics with morphine to control the pain. You can take pain pills or morphine syrup. In addition to this artificial saliva can also help. Please talk to your oncologists about this and I am sure they will be able to help with this unfortunate side effect.
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