US: Dawood 'embarrassed, upset' over nephew’s arrest for narco-terrorism

dawood-ibrahim-file Most wanted gangster Dawood Ibrahim

The nephew of dreaded gangster Dawood Ibrahim, was arrested in December by anti-drug enforcement agency in United States on the charges of narco-terrorism, according to media reports.

Sohail Kaskar, is the older son of Dawood's deceased younger brother Noor, has been charged with smuggling narcotics into US from Pakistan, besides providing materiel support to an international terror outfit.

He has been accused of illegally selling surface-to-air missile launching system to FARC (Spanish acronym for Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), which operates from Colombia.

If found guilty, Kaskar faces a maximum of life in prison or mandatory minimum of 25 years jail term in the case.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in December arrested Kaskar along with two Pakistani nationals after they were extradited from Spain reportedly much to the disappointment of Dawood.

Following Kaskar's arrest, Dawood said to have used everything at his disposal to keep the story from the media coverage as he thought the news would hurt his “international image,” reported an English Daily.

Besides being “embarrassed”, Dawood is also “upset” as Kaskar did the dealings behind his back without keeping him in the loop.

He has also reportedly provided his nephew with best lawyer, Tom Keniff, who will represent the accused in Manhattan federal court.

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