Pak textbooks describe Hindus, Christians as untrustworthy

pak-school-text-bia Girls at a government school in Peshawar, Pakistan | Reuters
  • Because the Muslim religion, culture and social system are different from non-Muslims, it is impossible to cooperate with Hindus—a passage from a textbook

A new study sponsored by a US state agency has found that school textbooks in Pakistan negatively portray country's religious minorities, including Hindus and Christians, as “untrustworthy”, “religiously inferior”, and “ideologically scheming”, reports said.

The study was conducted by a Pakistan-based NGO, Peace and Education Foundation (PEF), and was sponsored by United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), according to

Among other things, the study reportedly says the textbooks not only glorify jihad, but also teach children that it is impossible to cooperate with Hindus. Also, they teach that Christians learned tolerance and kind heartedness from Muslims, reports said.

A passage from a class eight text published in 2015 reads: “Prophet said that ‘Jihad will continue till the end of times’. Jihad is going on in different parts of the world. Many Mujahidins of Islam are participating in Jihad for sake of Allah, for protection of their religion, to help their oppressed brothers, and to get freedom from tyranny.”

“As a student if you cannot practically participate in Jihad you can at least financially help in preparation of Jihad.”

Another passage from a class 10 textbook, states: “Because the Muslim religion, culture and social system are different from non-Muslims, it is impossible to cooperate with Hindus.”

A Punjab curriculum textbook for class six reads: “Christians learned tolerance and kind heartedness from Muslims. The fair treatment and good governance of Muslims improved the living standard of the region. They started to live prosperous and peaceful lives under the patronage of Muslims.”

The 52-page report reportedly contains many examples of a troubling portrayal of religious minorities in the public school textbooks.

"Pakistan's public school textbooks contain deeply troubling content that portrays non-Muslim citizens as outsiders, unpatriotic, and inferior; are filled with errors; and present widely-disputed historical 'facts' as settled history," Robert P. George, USCIRF chairman was quoted as saying.

“These textbooks sadly reflect the alarming state today of religious freedom in Pakistan... A country’s education system, including its textbooks, should promote religious tolerance, not close the door to cooperation and coexistence.”

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