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On Wednesday, what happens in Vegas won't stay in Vegas

Vegas-debate-venue People install the eagle above the set for the last 2016 US presidential debate in Las Vegas | Reuters

Las Vegas is the city where entertainment is a 24/7 business all through the year. On Wednesday, however, the city would witness an entertainment that is tad different—the third presidential debate, to be held in the university of Nevada Los Angeles campus.

"Oh yes, the great circus," chuckles the concierge of Circus Circus hotel, a haven of entertainment.

Vegas, a favourite for conferences and conventions the US, is in the 'swing state' of Nevada where political parties do not know which way the voters would poll. Nevada, along with Florida, Ohio and North Carolina are the battleground states.

Preparations for the event have been under way since the last one year and as the d-day approaches, Las Vegans can talk of little else. The weather is going to be cool, says the met forecaster, now that's a frosty reception we'll be giving them, he chuckles.

At the venue, college students are in the volunteer teams, getting a first hand experience about organising political effects.

The media room, where hundreds of media teams would be setting up their equipment to beam the debate to over 70 million TV viewers—four times the viewership of the last debate in Missouri—is the pride of the place. Whoever said what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

Meanwhile, the protest groups are also gathering steam. Donald Trump has a glittering hotel on the Strip and that's a place which is expected to see some action before the debate though protesters are rather hush-hush about their plans.

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