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Meet the real-life 'Iranian Hulk', who wants to smash ISIS

Sajad-hulk Photoshopped image of Sajad Gharibi as 'the Incredible Hulk' | Instagram/sajadgharibii

Sajad Gharibi is an international sensation on social media network. He is lovingly nicknamed after Marvel superhero character the Incredible Hulk.

Weighing about 175 kg, his claim to fame is his terrifying physical appearance that reminds the web users of the Incredible Hulk character. Due to his physical prowess he is also called, the 'Persian Hercules'. He can lift weight over 180 kg, which is equivalent to two baby elephants. He also regularly represents his country in power lifting and bodybuilding competitions.

Sajad, who has over 124,000 followers on Instagram, was mistaken for the notorious ISIS executioner dubbed 'The Bulldozer' due to his massive physical size.

However, the misunderstanding was cleared after the obese ISIS member was captured by Syrian army earlier this year.

As a matter of fact, the 24-year-old Sajad has volunteered to join the Iranian forces in battle against ISIS. He wants to protect Shia Muslim shrines by fighting alongside the Assad regime in Syria.

However, despite of his dominating physical features, people who know him describe Sajad as a gentle giant with a big heart.

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