'We've come to you with slaughter': IS on Brussels attack

BELGIUM-ATTACKS-SECURITY A soldier blocks the access to roads close to the Maalbeek metro station in Brussels on Tuesday | AFP

The Islamic State group has reportedly claimed the terrorist blasts at the Brussels airport and a city metro station on Tuesday and pledged to stage similar attacks in Europe.

IS's Amaq news agency took credit for the Brussels attacks, praising their "planning, rapid execution and dynamism" on the Telegram messaging application, Egyptian daily El-Watan reported.

“What a beautiful day today,” a suspected supported of the Islamic State reportedly wrote on twitter, calling the victims “Belgium supporters” who did not count as civilians.

“F* Belgium. Belgium wanted to bomb the Islamic state. Now enjoy what your hands have sown.

“A lot of duas (prayers) were answered today.”

The supporter claimed to have received a message from an IS militant to the group’s supporters in Belgium reading: “We have come to you with slaughter.”

The claims could not be confirmed and IS supporters are known for claiming responsibility for terror attacks around the world without offering proof.

The message also vowed "further similar operations in Europe", according to El-Watan.

At least 14 people are believed to have died in two explosions at the Zaventem airport and 20 more in the bombing at the Maelbeek metro station about an hour later.

At least one of the explosions was caused by a suicide bomber, Belgium's federal prosecutor was quoted as saying.

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