He’s coming. I’m gonna die: Son's text to mother captures moments of terror

Nightclub Shooting Orlando Mother Texts Mina Justice speaks to a reporter discussing texting with her son who was in a bathroom at Club Pulse on Sunday in Orlando | AP

A mother has revealed her text message conversation with her son, who was at a gay nightclub in Orlando in Florida on Sunday, where a gunman killed over 50 and wounded more than 50 others.

The text messages has captured the horrific moments of incident with some details of the tragedy. A terrified Eddie Justice, seemingly resigned himself to his fate, texted his mother, Mina Justice, to let her know that he loved her.

Mina was asleep at her home when she received the first text message from her son, who was held hostage in the bathroom of the Pulse nightclub during the mass shooting.

The mother and son exchanged a series of text messages as the gunman massacred revelers at the nightclub before Eddie stopped responding.

Here is Mina's text conversation she had with her son during the Orlando nightclub carnage:

At 2:06 am EST: “Mommy I love you,” read the first message. “In club they shooting.”

Mina tried calling her son, but there was no answer so she texted him to see if he was OK.

A minute later he replied: “Trapp in bathroom.”

After she asked which club, he responded: “Pulse. Downtown. Call police.”

At 2:08 am, “I’m gonna die,” his message read.

Justice dialed 911 and sent her son a series of texts over the next several minutes.

“I’m calling them now. U still in there Answer our damn phone Call them Call me.”

Mina waited for Eddie's message. At 2:39 am he responded: “Call them mommy. Now.”

He wrote that he was in the bathroom.

“He’s coming I’m gonna die.”

Mina asked her son if anyone was hurt and which bathroom he was in. “Lots. Yes,” he responded at 2:42 am.

When he didn’t text back, she sent several more messages. Was he with police? “Text me please,” she wrote.

“No,” he wrote four minutes later. “Still here in bathroom. He has us. They need to come get us.”

Eddie's messages revealed the hostage situation at the nightclub before security forces stormed in and took down the gunman.

At 2:49am, she texted saying, the police were at the spot and let her know when he sees them.

“Hurry,” he wrote. “He’s in the bathroom with us.”

She asked: “Is the man in the bathroom wit u?”

At 2:50am: “He’s a terror.”

“Yes,” he said before he stopped sending texts.

That was Eddie's last message. Even hours after the siege ended, she is yet to hear from her 30-year-old son, an accountant.

Mina and her family and friends have been awaitting at a hotel along with relatives of other victims for any news on their loved ones.

“His name has not come up yet and that’s scary. It’s just....It’s just, I got this feeling. I got a bad feeling,” she said in anguish.

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