UK mosques ban women from Facebook, wearing trousers

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In a controversial ruling, various mosques and Islamic associations in Britain asked women to delete their Facebook account with one of the groups calling the social networking site a 'sin' and an 'evil'.

The mosques, affiliated to the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), also urged women not to wear trousers or leave the house without their husband's permission.

The rulings, published by Blackburn Muslim Association, have sparked an outrage with several activists and moderate Muslims calling it 'disgraceful.' They called for the MCB to order its affiliated institutions to delete the online advice.

The Green Lane Masjid in Birmingham said the women were not allowed to wear trousers even in front of their husbands, while the Central Masjid of Blackburn called Facebook a 'sin' and an 'evil', according to a report in the Daily Mail.

As per the rulings, a woman should not travel more than 48 miles without a male chaperone. Croydon Mosque and Islamic Centre called abortion a 'great sin' and described acting and modelling as immoral acts.

Female scholar at the Islamic Sharia Council in London, Khola Hasan, said the patriarchal views were setting a bad example. “These views are clearly outdated and reflect a patriarchal, narrow world view that is out of step with the rest of the Muslim world,” she was quoted as saying by media reports.

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