Brexit may spark similar demands from other EU countries

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The United Kingdom is all set to leave the European Union after 42 years with more than half of its population voting in favour of the 'Leave' campaign on Thursday. The Brexit vote may spark demands for similar referendums from the right-wing parties of other member countries, raising an alarm bell to the 70 years of European integration.


French National Front leader Marine Le Pen was quoted by the BBC as saying: "France has possibly 1,000 more reasons to want to leave the EU than the English." According to her, the EU has failed to keep out smugglers, terrorists and 'economic migrants'. She also held the Union responsible for the high rate of unemployment. A recent survey revealed that around 55 per cent people in France wanted a referendum while 41 per cent said they would vote "out" if an election was held.

The Netherlands

Geert Wilders, leader of Party for Freedom and an anti-immigration politician in the Netherlands said: "We want to be in charge of our own country, our own money, our own borders and our own immigration policy." As per a survey, around 54 per cent people in the country wanted a referendum in line with Brexit.


Italy's Northern League leader Mateo Salvini, known for his anti-immigration stands, tweeted: "Thank you UK, now it's our turn." Lauding the Britons for opting to move out, he said, "Heart, brain and pride defeated lies, threats and blackmail." Over 58 per cent Italians wanted to hold a referendum while 48 per cent said they would vote "out", according to a survey conducted in May.

Other countries

An IPSOS poll says 43 per cent people in Sweden wanted a referendum while 39 per cent of population believed their country should leave the European Union. Those who wanted their country to quit the Union are 34 per cent in Germany, 29 per cent in both Belgium and Hungary, 26 per cent in Spain and 22 per cent in Poland.

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