Teacher arrested after 13-year-old student gets her pregnant

Teacher arrested after 13-year-old student gets her pregnant Alexandria Vera | via Facebook

An English teacher was arrested after she was impregnated by a 13-year-old student with the 'blessing of his family'. She was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child.

According to media reports, the teacher, Alexandria Vera (24) of Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas met the boy at the summer school in 2015.

The relationship began after the student was assigned to her English class when the school began. When the student missed the class once, she messaged him asking if everything was well with him. The boy, in turn, asked her if they could hang out together to which she agreed.

The two hanged out and on their first date, they drove around and kissed in the car. The next day, she went to his house and had sex for the first time as his parents were away from home.

The teacher confessed to the police that they had sex almost every day at her home and admitted that they were in love. The parents of the student did not oppose their relationship.

Vera got pregnant in January and according to her, the boy's family was 'very supportive and excited.' However, she had to terminate the pregnancy after Child Protective Services showed up at the school and questioned her about her relationship with the boy. She was later sacked from the school.

Vera disappeared after the investigations began, but decided to turn herself in. She was released later.

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