Taiwan quake: Toll rises to 35

Taiwan-quake-Toll A man is lifted by a crane out of the rubble by rescue workers at the Wei-Kuan complex which collapsed in the 6.4 magnitude earthquake, in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan | AFP

The toll in the 6.7-magnitude quake that hit Taiwan rose to 35 on Monday.

Rescuers working overnight pulled out another body from under the debris, Xinhua reported.

More than 50 hours after the earthquake struck on Saturday morning, over 110 people are believed to be still buried under the rubble of buildings collapsed by the disaster just two days ahead of the traditional Chinese New Year.

Of the 35 people killed—including a 10-day-old girl—34 were found in the toppled Wei Guan residential building in Yongkang district of Tainan city which bore the brunt of the quake.

Rescuers are still scrambling over the wreck of the 16-story building left on its side with twisted metal girders exposed.

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