Record 1.25 million asylum seekers in EU in 2015

Braving the rain (File) Some 1,59,000 or nearly half of all the Syrian applications were made in Germany

A record 1.25 million asylum seekers arrived in the European Union in 2015, more than double the figure from the previous year, official data showed as EU leaders prepared for a crucial summit with Turkey to curb the flow of migrants.

Syrians seeking asylum from the civil war were the single largest group at nearly 3,63,000 followed by 1,78,200 Afghans and 1,21,500 Iraqis, the Eurostat statistics agency said.

Some 1,59,000 or nearly half of all the Syrian applications were made in Germany while among the Afghans, 45,600 went to Hungary and another 41,200 sought refuge in Sweden.

Germany was the single largest recipient of asylum applications in 2015, at 4,41,800 or some 35 per cent of the total, with Hungary taking 1,74,400 or 14 per cent and Sweden 1,56,100 or 12 per cent.

Separate figures from the International Organisation for Migration released this week showed that another 1,30,000 migrants have made it to the EU across the Mediterranean alone so far this year, on top of one million last year.

Most cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece, or from North Africa to Italy.

In terms of asylum applications, however, Greece received only 11,370 in 2015, less than one per cent of the total, the EU figures showed.

EU leaders hold a summit Monday with Turkey as part of efforts to halt the flood of migrants which has exposed deep differences within the 28-nation bloc over how to tackle the problem.

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