No one stopped to help student being burnt alive by ex-boyfriend

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In what has been termed by one of the investigating officers as 'the most atrocious crime', a student of Rome university was burned alive by her ex-boyfriend after she decided to end their relationship.

According media reports, the accused, Vincenzo Paduano (27) killed Sara Di Pietrantonio (22) who he was dating for two years.

Paduano used to work as a security guard. On Sunday, he left his job and came to the victim's current boyfriend's house. When she came out of the house in her car, he tailed her for a while and forced her to stop the car.

The accused got into her car and after an argument, poured alcohol on her and on the car. He torched the car, but the victim managed to run out of the vehicle.

However, he caught up with her and set her on fire. What is more shocking is the fact that surveillance cameras installed in the area showed many vehicles passing by the scene of the crime without stopping to help the victim who was in distress.

Prosecutor Maria Monteleone said the accused "didn't accept being abandoned' by the woman. He organised, he planned the aggression."

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